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Artyom was born in 1982 Vityebsk, Belarus. In 2008 he graduated the State University of Vitebsk in decorative arts and graphics. In 2009 Artyom immigrated to Israel to find himself in a new life where art became his focal point and career. His extensive experience in decorative arts effected Artyom’s unique style, which continues to grow and develop. His paintings are works that incorporate bold colors and symbolic meaning. 


Artyom continues to live and create in Israel, but travels extensively to participate in international exhibitions and art festivals.


“ I meet a person, discover the character and dress it with my impressions. My characters are captured in a state of continuous dialogue with themselves while I’m having an ongoing dialogue with the color. These dialogues are about self-analysis, loneliness, imperfection, beauty and silence. They reflect who we want to be and who we really are."  

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